The 302 can be mounted in any structure or material

It has a 1" long 1/4" NPS thread. It can be screwed into a hole tapped

for 1/4" pipe thread (straight) or slipped through a 9/16" hole.

In soft wood such as redwood, a 1/2" hole can be drilled and then

the 302 can be screwed in much as a screw if tapping the hole is not desired.

The wire connections should be made after the part is screwed in. If this is not

possible, A 9/16" hole should be drilled and the 302 can be held in place with

a caulking material or adhesive. In photos below, a 302 is screwed into a 1/2" hole

in a redwood beam.

302 Retrofit in Paradise Tulip Path Light on left and used with 37 coupling for standoff in rail at right

In photos above, the 302's were mounted in the top face and underneath these

kitchen cabinets. Silicon diffusing lenses were used to soften the light as well as increase

the angle of fill. A total of 18 lights were installed in these and another set of cabinets with

a total power draw of 4 watts.