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Maui 2019:

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Mom-Calf 1-2-19

Muggers 1-13-19

whales 1-15-19

Misc. Whales

Monk Seal

Mala 2-10-19

seabird at Mala

Whales 2-20-19

Mating Octopuses

Misc Winter


Winter Misc.

Misc Whales

Whales 3-15-19

Mugging mom & calf

Misc Whales

Pantropical Spotted DOlpjhin


silky sharks

Mom & Calf 3-31-19

Silky Shark

Misc Whales

Misc. Whales

Slaughter House/ Honolua Bay

Misc. winter

Slaughter House/ Honolua Bay 4-23-19

Manta with fishing gear 4-25-19

Honolua Bay 4-27-19

Turtle Caves

Tala 5-7-19

Honolua Bay 5-8-19

Tala 5-14-19

West Maui from the air

Misc Spring

Tala 5-25-19

Misc Spring

Akule & Predators

Tala 6-6-19

Honolua Bay 6-10-19

Misc Airport and Bay

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