Temperature logger I have been cycling for recording the temp at the engine block (coming up on a year of data now)

I leave one out for a bout a month and ghen exchange it as it gets fouled and in need of cleaning.

Cleaned one freshly installed on chain link:

Unfortunate hooked eel. I removed what I could of the excess line and the eel showed some sign of life and renewed

interest as it swam off.

In addition to the banded coral shrimp hannging about, there are clear cleaner shrimp who come out and work

on the eel. You can see one in his mouth in the image above. This eel probably visits the spa at least daily and

maybe more often. Cleaner on his snout in image below.

Self on a bubble:

(Above) Small male Hawaiian Spotted Boxfish in courtship with female. Image taken from Video (below)

Placed video in sand to record resting turtle (image above)

While standing by, I saw a large female eagle ray come over the reef and swim right over another turtle that was

likely halfway to the land of nod. The turtle was startled and frantically took flight moments after the image below:

In the video, you can hear me chuckle at the surface when this turtle was spooked and at the end of the video,

you can see ray and me in the background:

Still pulled from the video:

Before leaving the water, I spotted a humu with about three feet of line with swivel attached coming from a hook well

embedded in its mouth. I dove down and grabbed the fishing line and cut it as close to the hook as I could get

considering a frantic fish swimming about at the other end.