Due to El Nino and the likely massive coral bleaching anticipated due to warm water, I opted to deploy a couple

data loggers out off Airport Beach to record the ocean temperature over the next couple weeks. I installed one on an

unused mooring line at the surface a couple hundred yards off the beach.

What I didn't discover until halfway back towards shore was that one of the tiny Hawaiian Sergeants that had been

taking refuge at the mooring line had opted to hang out with me.

I placed the second data logger on some chain down by the engine block which is about 20' below the surface.

I then proceeded in towards shore and checked a small area we have come to call the nursery. I was stoked to

discover a new recruit; namely a tiny pennant butterfly fish.

At times I when would return to the surface and hold up the camera to check the images taken, I would see

the small Sergeant swim between my mask and the camera. I discovered that it would remain at the surface when

I dove down and then rejoin me when I retuirned. Not knowing where it was other than nearby and out of view, I

took a few selfies hoping to catch an image of it. I got one with it by my ear:

Given the predators hanging around like these Omilu pictured below, I didn't want to just swim to shore and leave

the sergeant exposed so I swam down to a buoy that was close by and near shore and coaxed the fish into leaving

me for the shelter of the buoy that had a number of its kind already present. It did leave the buoy once and came back to me

but I solved the problem by diving down to the bottom and then swimming away while still at the bottom.