Whale watch 3-28-15 with the three sisters, Kristen, Michelle and Heather

From a good distance, we could see a calf slapping its tail. By the time we got within photo range, it had

switched to breaching and put on a nice show for us.

It did a spy hop with its mouth open and I was only able to catch the tail end of it:

Next, we had a juvenile on its own come by:

Later on, we came across a mom with calf and the calf had been tail slapping which brought us as well as three

other boats over for a closer look. The mom and calf proceeded to mug the other three boats, one at a time and

it looked like we were to be the last to be visited. Unfortunately as they came over to us, they dropped down,

turned away and then just parked. Fortunately they were close enough at that time that we could see them below

the surface and putting our faces in the water while hanging over the side of the boat, we got to watch them for a

while. Some rainbow runners and another species of fish were working on the mom and calf while they rested.

Cleaning crew:

When mom came to the surface, they moved up wind about 20 yards from us.

And mom proceeded to do some pec slaps and then rolled completely upside down and proceeded to wave both

pecs for a good period of time.

The wind had really picked up and as we headed in, they gave us a few goodbye breachs which I failed to catch.

The next morning, 3-29-15, with the same crew:

4 series sequence of lazy breach:

Mom on her back with calf swimming along side: