March 17

First encounter of the day was a mom, calf and escort taking it easy.

Competition pod later in the morning:

Airforce flying low between the islands and right overhead.

I put the drome up to capture some of the action

Note me on the small boat in lower left hand corner:

Video of both encounters:

March 18

In additon to whales, we saw some dolphins, turtles and a distressed puffer.

The highlight of the day was a comp pod in close to shore off Kapalua

It would seem the mom with calf (foreground and left above) was trying to avoid the males.

You could see the whales shadows on the sand just below them.

Video of the comp pod:

On the way back, we had a calf surface in front of us so we stopped the boat. We ended up drifting over it and its mom

and escort.