Mom, calf and escort went from rest mode to all three blasting out of the water in close proximity to eachother

and us. It was difficult to respond quickly to the all of a sudden show.

Four images below are series of escort coming up too close for the lens I was using and too quick for me to get

it framed.

And mom came out at while he was coming down so I only got the end of her breach:

Below, Mom coming out after calf had breached:

And then off they went with rest period over.

Next day, 1-20-15, we encountered a mom and calf at rest on the surface while escort hung out below and out of

sight except when he would come up for air.

Drone photo:

Stills pulled from a drone video above them:


Then a short flyby underwater:

Later we encounterd a competition pod. Some stills pulled from drone video:

Above and below, the same whale is seen blowing bubbles from his mouth on one dive and then blowhole on


Video of comp pod: