Went out today, 5-20-15, with Bob and Felicia to spend some time with the turtles at Wahikuli.

I opted for using my fish-eye lens as it seems appropriate for use with the turtles and people. I was about 50 yards ahead

of Bob and Felicia when we headed out to the turtle cleaning station. I was a bit surprised and the low number of

turtles I could see as I approached.

When I got over the station, I saw a couple of the turtles lift up and head in towards shore. I couldn't believe they

opted to leave because of me. And then I saw a very large body moving out at the end of the reef, over the sand.

It took me a few moments to realize what I was looking at; a big tiger shark!

It was a real bummer that I didn't have my normal lens, 12-35mm which would have allowed for a much better

image capture from this distance and through the haze that was at the surface. In the photo above, the shark is

headed away from the reef and me but it did a 180 turn and came back.

I had to crop the images I did get because I was not inclined to dive down or get too close. This was a beautiful shark

but she was intimidatingly large! In the image above, I believe the scale between her and a full size turtle are on even footing.

The turtles were obviously not content to remain in place but they didn't take off in a panic either. Once she passed me and

started swimming near the turtles, I followed her.

In the image above, she had overtaken one turtle that is seen going underneath her and in the opposite direction.

It looked like she might be going after the one in the image above but her pace was slow as was the turtle's.

At this point I tried to get a bit closer for better shot but not so close that she would find me as interesting as I, her!

I tried to get Bob and Felicia's attention to look down and towards the beach as she had headed south and towards them.

I suspect they might have seen her had they looked in the right direction but they continued out towards me and the

cleaning station. Minutes after the tiger had left, it was business as usual down on the reef but with likely fewer turtles

than prior to her visit.

We headed back in and south in hopes of maybe seeing her again and there were more turtles inside anyway.

Bob and I noticed a couple days ago that there were unicorn fish following a turtle at times and I saw one go up and bite

off some algae from the rear of a turtle. We encountered this same behavior today and you can see some unicorns following

the turtle in the pic above and below.

It was an exciting day out there!

This little guy below was very fortunate in not encountering the tiger.