A couple days in Kona

spinner dolphins - two step

Trip out to the deep on WHOA :

So many juvenile amberjacks!

Down below, a few Ono cruise by:

The business end of this amazing boat:

Out to a buoy in 2000' of water. First of interest was rough-toothed dolphin

And sneaking up from behind, an oceanic white tipped shark.

The reason for interest shared by dolphin and sharks:

While the others focused on the sharks, I was interested in trying to get some decent dolphin shots.

Bob has his eyes on one white tip while a second one is coming in from behind.

In the shot below, a bait ball is coming into view (deeper than the shark & dolphin)

At the bottom of the image, you can see a blue marlin which is in pursuit of the bait.

The marlin was there and gone in seconds but at least I got some "proof" shots.

Meanwhile, a spear fisherman had been focused on the unwounded mahi and made his shot:

Now blood in the water.

In pic below you have the shark in the lower foreground and speared mahi upper and back.

Daron Verbeck focused on this white tip that seemed to have got agitated/ excited with the blood in the water.

noticed a pair of juvenile amberjacks hanging at the buoy.

I put some time back on the boat while others got to swim. While out of the water, I missed seeing the spear fisherman

hit one of the rainbow runners only to loose it and his spear to a white tip oceanic. When I got back in the water,

the fish at the buoy had mostly disappeared but the dolphin were still around.

One adult putting up with a pair of playful juveniles.

Next day, in front of the hotel.

Coral bleaching was everywhere in Kona as well.

First time seeing the Kona locals, AKA, Reticulated Butterflyfish

A second pair showed up.