I had planned to get my quad copter all fired up and over a mom, calf and escort who had been active on the surface

off in front of a cat that was out there. The whales had all sounded so I felt I had time to get the iPhone, transmitter and

quad copter all booted up and sync'ed. What I hadn't planned on was having the whales surface right next to me! I ended up

switching gears between quad and UW gear three times because the whales would surface extremely close by and then

sound and then up again. I got so disorganized that when I finally got to the air, I realized the lens cap was still on the quad's camera.

I had to land the quad and remove the cap and then launch it again. I got it over the three whales and watched an incredible show for

about 8 - 9 minutes until they all sounded and it was time to retrieve the quad. At that point I realized that the video camera had been

off the whole time! I landed it and swapped out batteries and was able to get some footage from the air but nothing like I had

witnessed earlier. Had I stuck with my original plan and ignored the whales the first time they surfaced right next to me, I could have

got video from above of them as they mugged me as well as moved off waving and slapping their pecs.

Mom was doing pec slaps every time she surfaced and junior did a few as well. There was a lot of orange

biomass/ plankton in the water and I knew I should concentrate on video and not stills.

I left them to a new boat that arrived and headed back in.

On December 26th I encountered a pair of likely sub-adults that were coming to the surface for air and then

immediately headed down deep again.