While looking for critters hiding in the shadow along the wall, I saw some movement at the sea floor. Turned out to be

a very indifferent if not somewhat curious, monk seal. She came up and surfaced a number of times in our midst.

The next day, instead of a curious and amicable monk seal, this guy was in place. He was not comfortable with us

and proceeded to circle around and ultimately take of in search of a hide.

We came to discover that today was a beach day for the Lady Monk Seal:

Later and a view down from above:

All of a sudden, she lifted up her head and proceeded to bury it in the sand?!?! :)

Moments later she came back up.

Nice little beach to herself.

The next day, the monk seal was again hauled out on the beach. And the day after that as well:

Relatively new scar: