Good friend Bob Pasqua took this shot of me shooting a very young turtle:


Guarding the community's eggs:

"Propwalker" above and below (her scars from a propeller are getting harder to notice)

Sponge Crab's namesake found but no crab around...:

Hobo thermistor set on behalf of study being done by UH (3 shots below)

I found the sponge again (a few days later) and set it down to take some shots of this leaf scorpion fish.

It seems it considered the sponge more of a threat than me and the camera so it leaned its dorsal towards the sponge.

Selfie disguised with sponge:

Brown tang spawning:

Lizardfish pair being attended by juvenile Hawaiian Cleaner Wrasse:

Butterfly busy in the sand:

Monk seal R305 has been around Blackrock now for a couple months and is now in the process of molting.

Couple days later and R305 is joined by a younger gal keeping her company:

On the swim back to Airport Beach after photographing the seals, I came across a rockmover in transistion

from juvenile to adult.