There were a number of pods out today and one passed by me with one of the whales swimming on its side and back with some pec waving and slaps:

There was also a mom and calf that spent minimum time on the surface. Twice when they did surface, the calf obviously headed my way. Both times, I was treated to a view of them swimming right underneath me. The third time they surfaced near me and looked to be headed my way again, I slipped in the water next to the surfski. The visibility was not very good but in the haze, I caught a view of them as they came by and then dove down. The images below give witness to this encounter but don't show the detail I was afforded to my naked eye. They were back lit with the sun beyond them which did not help either. The more I think about it, they may elect to swim in such a manner to let the sun work to their benefit in viewing me. It may not be by coincidence that I often find myself at a disadvantage in regards to the sun. For all I know, this could be the same mother and calf swimming without an escort that I saw two days ago.

To illustrate the perspective and difference depth perception between the 80 mm lens I use for topside shots and the 16 mm lens I use for underwater, the shot below was taken with the 16 mm lens and I am at about the same distance from shore as I was when the photos at the top of the page were taken.