10-10-09 Male seahorse seemingly larger and presumably pregnant!

I understand that the males can inflate their "belly" perhaps as a show of capacity to a female. It certainly seems that this seahorse will vary some in apparent size as you watch it. However, it is just big in belly now, on all counts.

This seahorse is not as quick to swim off as the females and it seemed to have found a nice mooring and even with multiple trips to the surface and back down when the surge and sunlight seemed best for a shot, it remained in place.

It seemed that if I took enough shots that I might get the one I still feel I have missed. I was after the ideal angle of the sun on the seahorse coupled with a moment of less turbulent water. He was holding in place and slowly rotating around the algae. Unfortunately, another swimmer showed up and he dove down with his camera and that set the seahorse off and in towards the shallows where the surge was much worse and visibility marginal. Had I not been hovering over the seahorse and going down for multiple shots, I doubt this fellow would have even been aware of it. When he was done taking pictures, I went down and herded the horse back to where it had been and then left it to others. I took a couple shots of it next to my hand for a relative size reference and later comparison to past shots of it when I was certain it was not so large.