I took out the camera with two strobes attached with hopes of finding a seahorse and getting a shot or two with better detail and particularly its eyes in view. Unfortunately though no wind, there was a swell and subsequent surge that had the "sand storm" in progress. I eventually found a seahorse and initially I thought it was the larger male but I realized that it is a female (I believe) and larger than the other two seahorses I have been encountering.

There was just too much silt and sand in the water down low so I coaxed her up into the water column. The backscatter illuminated by the strobes looks like a star field but I was able to get closer to her and get some reasonable shots.

In the last shot below, I was able to get the detail in mouth and eye that I had hoped for but if only there had been no silt in the water! I suspect that the lack of clarity is probably to the seahorse's advantage and perhaps why they choose to hang out where they do.