Alice and I came back from the beach this afternoon and in addition to the Java's who were there waiting to greet us, I heard a new demanding chirping coming from a number of directions around the front lanai. With a little investigation, it became clear that a family of Japanese White Eye chicks were out and about, likely their first trip from the nest.

I kept hearing this one's chirps answered by more than one bird out side of the lanai. I went out and discovered a pair of them down on the ground:

I was concerned that this pair might not be ready for flight yet and on the hot cement didn't look like a very safe place for them to hang out considering that the rest of their brood were up in the plants. I figured I would see if they would hop into my hand and I could give them a lift up. I brought my open hand to the first one and it took off in flight. Cool. I brought my finger up to the second one and it too took off just after the picture I snapped below:

A fourth bird was chirping away in the nearby plants:

Alice responded to it's chirping.

It was quite windy today and I wonder if the wind didn't play a part in getting these guys out of the nest. A gust came up and the one below had to steady itself with its wings.

One of them ended up landing on the rear wiper blade arm of my van. I got a couple shots of myself reflected in the rear window and the bird:

The adult White Eyes visit the yard and garden often and are not easy to get close to. This was a treat to come home to a new generation of birds and it will be interesting to see if these chicks hang around the area as they mature.