A Japanese White Eye nest was discovered in my front driveway only about 6' above the cement. My neighbor had done a significan job of trimming away the palms and discovered the nest in the process. The nest is still well protected nestled under an umbrella leaf cluster.

I couldn't tell if the parents took turns sitting on the eggs or if it was just the mother. The weather was quite still, hot and humid for the first week or so (last week of May). I took a peek at the nest when the parents weren't around and saw 3 eggs.

From the base of the driveway looking up, the nest was quite exposed. I doubt this was the case prior to the trimming of the palms.

The umbrella leaves provided excellent coverage overhead. The nest appears to have some packing foam which probably provides a reasonable "R" factor to the nest. How these birds can engineer and build such a structure is beyond me!!

I can't be certain I actually discovered the chicks on their day of birth but I think the chances are pretty good. Unfortunately the date in my camera is a month and a day off so I need to add the confusion of some dates math in trying to get a sense of when these images were actually taken. Regardless, the shot below is likely day one or possibly day two.

Today, 6-10-09 I took some shots with the 300 mm telephoto lens of both parents busy feeding these demanding chicks and at one point, one of the chicks hopped up and stood on the edge of the nest.

I was surprised to see it spreading its wings and grooming its feathers while waiting for incoming food.

This is about 8 days after hatching to the best of my reconing but the birds may be as much as 10 days old today.

Two of the chicks were looking at me (above image) when they both turned and started squacking (image below)

The reason for their squacking became immediately apparent (might be a pun in there).

In the 2 shots below, both parents are attending the three chicks.

At this point, I decided to download all of the images from above and get to work on this web page. While at the computer outside on the lanai, I heard some loud chirping that was some how different than what I have been hearing and I could also hear the parents chirping away. I went to investigate and discovered that the one chick has in fact left the nest. I took the memory card out of the reader, put it back in the camera and took some more pictures of the first out of the nest.

It is now a few hours after taking the shots above and I just checked on the birds. Two chick remain in the nest and I saw a parent come by with food for them. The first to leave is no longer in the same bush where it was photographed above and I couldn't locate it anywhere near the nest. It would seem the parents now have two destinations for food delivery. It will be interesting to see if the family all returns to the nest area this evening if the other chicks are not ready to leave yet.