I was out off Mala Wharf and watching a pod of whales to the south of me, hopping for some surface action. I heard blow behind me and discovered another pod that was to the north and headed my way. The mother and calf were on the surface and got within 25 yards of me. I positioned myself with the fish eye lens rig for some potential underwater shots if they would continue at me and dive under me. At about that time, just off and to the right of my bow, the escort surfaced and blew. He took me by surprise! My leg was in the water and in the way of the awkward camera housing. I got the camera in front of my leg and took a couple quick shots:

He was very close fortunately because the water was not very clear. He proceeded across my bow and I had to take the camera out of the water and over to the other side of the surfski.

I could see him under the bow and caught a couple shots of him as he dove down, I had the camera partially under the boat and pointed down.

Although whales will continue to be seen for another month or so, I feel that the prime time has already gone past. This year was not a great year for being out on the water with the whales because of winds and seas that prevailed during the prime part of the season. You never know if you will have an encounter or not but unless you are out there, for certainty you won't. I had my doubts on this day but for a brief and fleeting moment, I was in the proximity of a gentle giant, once again. The lapsed time from the first image above to the last one was only 10 seconds.

The mother and calf taken with a different camera and Mala Warf in the back ground:

Sun had yet to break through the clouds mauka of Lahaina: