I paddled out off Airport Beach and "parked". Within 10 miutes, I saw some surface action out to the south west. A whale (probably the escort) breached a few times. I grabbed my camera housing and discovered that I had left the lens cap on the lens! Duh! I carefully undid the port from the housing, removed the lens cap and replaced the port. During the process, I caught some more head activity of the whale but of course no photos. The whales were headed north and coming in closer to my location. In a few minutes, there was more surface activity (no breaches though).

After the escort poped up its head in photo above, I saw a bunch of bubbles coming to the surface and figured he was up to something:

Cropped in:

The whales continued north and somewhat east towards land. They also went down and out of view. A number of minutes later, I saw the calf surface and then the adults. They were headed back in my direction and it looked like they would possibly pass me on the inside this time.

The calf surfaced and I wondered if the adults would as well since it was rather close to me.

Sure enough, the adults showed up.

I believe it was the escort that placed itself between me and the calf but the mother was likely there as well.

All three were now quite close and passing by me. I stuck the camera underwater on the outside chance I might capture an image. With the 80 mm lens, I figured I might get part of the whales even though there was poor lighting and some distance between us.

It appears that the heads of all three whales are in the image but hard to tell. It was a mistake sticking the camera in the water because I lost a few images when I brought it back up due to the water on the port.

The escort was obviously going to dive and I figured I should get some decent tail shots because it was so close.

A while later, I saw a couple pods to the north but not close by.

I saw one whale do a sequence of a half dozen breaches and one was a classic full breach with barrel roll. Unfortunately it was too far off to bother trying to photograph. I think February is the prime month for surface activity and being the first day of the month today, it was a promising start!