The conditions were nice but not much whale activity. A friend and business partner, Frank was on the island visiting and he took my other surf ski and we paddled out with hopes of possibly some whale encounters and a nice visit away from the crowds at the very least.

We could see some pods way of in the distance and the ocassional breach on the horizon. We sat and slowly drifted north with the current. After about 45 minutes, we saw some blow to the north and it looked like the whales were headed south, towards us. Every 15 minutes or so, they would surface and blow and always closer to us. On one surfacing, they were only 75 yards to the north and I banged on my boat to let them know of our presense as it seemed they were still headed right for us. We got to talking about business and after some time, the whales again surfaced but now to the south of us. They probably swam right underneath us. I again banged on my boat and yelled out to them to give us a show or come on over! They actually did turn around and when they dove, they were again headed north and right at us. I photographed the second one as it dove in our direction:

Because the first whale had not dove deep with its tail coming up, I had hopes that we would see them as they were headed right at us, coming back our way. Moments later, one surfaced very close to me and hung on the surface as it gracely came in and then headed slightly out to the west as otherwise it would have hit me. I got a nice sequence series of it passing by and then diving:

The series above is full frame and not cropped. I took a couple of the images and cropped in for some more detail:

This pair reminded me of the pair I encountered as my first encounter this year. It was a real treat to have them surface and then come over closer to us. Prior to this one surfacing as shot above, I could see one of them down deep underneath me. I would guess that one just dove under us while the other elected to check us out closer, on the surface, before swimming off. I haven't had any breaches close by this year but do hope for the chance of such an encounter and catching it on digital image.