Swimming over the reef, I noticed two good sized tako (octopus) engaged in some dance. They backed off as I swam over the top of them and even more as I dove down to try to get a decent shot:

The one more exposed took flight to a better hole in a neighboring coral mound.

The one who had remained was under some branch coral but without any good hole to slip into. I focused on getting some images of it. I used a small flashlight to gently probe under the coral and coax the octopus out:

It took off and joined the other.

Before is slipped into an adjacent hole, it elected to put out an ink screen to confuse me.

I wasn't confused but I went back to the surface and gave them some space. In no time, they both were completely out and on the coral. The one on the left sent out a tenticale and I watched it enter the one on the right. In the poor image (cropped in from a surface shot) below, you can barly make this out:

Remaining "connected", the two both stretched and receded into their holes.

I decided that I should respect their privacy and I swam off.