Still water and no waves seemed like an invitation to visit Turtle Canyon. I wanted to both shoot stills as well as some video on the small Olympus Stylus 1030 so I opted to tie off the wave ski on some dead coral. I immediately had some visitors come over and one turtle in particular, #199 was very curious and immediately elected to hang around the mooring line (pink) as well as on it! When I came back to change cameras, she and a couple other turtles were hanging about the wave ski and when I came back after shooting videos they were again there! She and another turtle came in so close to me that I felt they wanted me to do something?!? Pat their heads?

You can see why I call her #199 in the shot below. Possibly marked when she was nesting?

I was once told that a turtle shows its displeasure and basically tries to get you to bug off by acting like it is trying to bite its front flipper. I have seen this behavior a number of times and it does seem to be what is being communicated. I treat the message as such, anyway. The turtle below swam under me and gave me the "sign". I wasn't paying it any particular attention and beyond taking the shot, I ignored it! There were plenty other turtles that didn't seem botherd by me and in fact would come in very close to check me out.