The conditions looked reasonable for a visit to "Turtle Canyon" so that's what I did. The sun disappeared for a good part of the time but it was a good day for reasonable visibility and of course there were plenty turtles there!!

I noticed on the reef below and just off from a turtle cleaning station was an octopus, fully out and meandering across the coral. I dove down knowing it would not continue its carefree movement but hopefully give me some time for some quick shots before it sought shelter;

It was evolving in its color as I shot and prior to taking to a hole.

It is difficult to capture in still images the depth, in all directions in which you can see turtles, on the bottom, at the surface and anywhere in the water column. Many times if you circle around you will find a few turtles close and checking you out on your blind side.

A frame of a lounger has been sunk in the sand here for a number of years and I have used it for a mooring. Often, it is already occupied as was the case today.

As I mentioned, some of these turtles are very curious and will come in right at you to check out what is what. The turtle below was one such turtle and it swam up to within a foot of me and then past and I turned to watch it check out my wave ski which was in tow on a short tether.

I dove down for a better image of the head rest.

In a few of my previous series on Turtle Canyon, I have included poor, at a distance, images of a turtle I have named "Shark Bite". Today I came accross him or I should say that he came in and circled me once for a check out. Had I not been tethered, I might have been able to dive down for a good close up but as it was, I let him choose the distance and was still able to get the best images of him, to date.

Fortunately he presented me with his port side so his naming is obvious.