Spinner Dolphins cam inshore at Airport Beach (Kahekili Park) on 3-26-09

One of the dolphin came by me a number of times and initially I thought it had some kind of tag on its dorsal fin.

On the pass I photographed above and directly below, you can see that the "tag" was actually a leaf that it was toying with!

I missed getting the shot because I had swam further away but the dolphin came back for the leaf (you can see it drifting down below the dolphin in the shot above. It retrieved the leaf and then sped up to join a group further ahead. I watched it cavorting with another dolphin and then lost sight of it as other animals were in closer to me and captured my attention. Towards the end of the series, you can see the leaf still being carried by this playful fellow. Had I some kind of toy or ring, I think it would have engaged me in some sport. At one point as it and others were swimming away from me, I dove down and did some spins. It broke from the pak and came back for a closer look. I had a number of these guys come in and check me out and I could hear some clicking and squeals coming from them.

It seemed to me that the noises I would hear were in sync with the bubble streams I would see coming from the dolphin but I don't know if the activities are related.

There was one slightly smaller dolphin that have very little pigment and was almost white. It was for the most part right next to another dolphin but it did seperate out at times on its own. It was a very beautiful animal!

In the final series below, you can see the dolphin with it's leaf toy: