More seahorse pics (taken 10-19-09)

I came across a female immediately:

The female was quite active and on the move and I herded her back to where I found her and left her in search of another seahorse. Not far off, I came upon a male:

The male was much less inclined to move and bolt and I realized that I had followed it within close proximity of the female. I left it and swam over to the female and dove down behind her such that the male was in the direction opposite of where I was. She took flight as I knew she would and came upon the male as I had hoped.

He had been "parked" but took off and followed in her path. Below is the easiest shot of a seahorse or in this case, two seahorses. The shot being that of their back as they leave you behind.

She stopped and took root and he stopped and joined her.

As luck would have it, there was a set of waves coming through which added surge and the sandstorm.

She took off again and he pursued.

She has much greater speed and she left him behind.

It's possible that she has left him with something else as well.