This gallery will be dedicated to additional shots of "Sam".


I think I got the camera closer to Sam than he liked and he reared up on his pectoral fins, ready for flight. I snapped a couple images as I withdrew. He remained in his cave and didn't take off, as a result of my intrusion.


4-4-09 Close Up:


Sam has been in his primary cave the last couple weeks but today, for some reason, he was in a small cave near by. This was T's primary cave last year. I swam down to see if T was there and was surprised to find Sam! He wasn't comfortable being so exposed and came out and did some circles before going back in.

Sam has been present and accounted for every day I have visited the reef which has been almost every day. Today, 4-19-09, he was in the usual position:

Sam has continued to be present and accounted for every time I visit the reef which is most days. Today, 5-3-09, some ladies I know at the beach asked to see where Sam hung out. With confidence, I swam up to his hole and dove down and sure enough, he was resting there in his cave. The ladies both dove down and saw him. I dove down for an additional look and he was shaking his head back and forth and his mouth was opening and closing. I didn't know if he had just ate something or what?!? I surfaced and then went back down and he was circling within the cave. On a third trip down for a look see, he was again resting on the bottom. At the surface, I told the ladies of his odd behavior. He could possibly see us above him but I don't know for certain as the ledge does block his view some. A minute or two went while we were still talking at the surface when one of the women looked down and announced that he was leaving the cave. He took off and headed towards the beach and shallower water on a route I followed him on once before. I had a 50 mm lens on my camera so I had to hold back to try to fit him in the frame. He swam towards a shelf in shallow water and gave it a couple approaches and I guess realized that it didn't provide him enough cover. I had followed him in and as he headed back out, I left him be and I watched him return to his normal lair. None of us got that close to him today and I am clueless as to what prompted his behavior.

He is a handsome fish and I am glad I got a chance to take some more pics of him. I typically just dive down, confirm he is there, wave, and swim on. Today was different..