Yesterday, 7-5-09 I saw a new Leaf Scorpion fish in a new location on the reef. To the naked eye, its fins were a transparent ice blue and its body a pink/white. I went back out today with the Nikon hoping to find the fish again and try for some shots. I no sooner got out and started off on another photo project first than I came across yet another Leaf Scorpion! I took a flashlight with me today and used it to illuminate the fish:

In attempting to coax it out into the light and open, I proceeded to scare it into the reef and left it be. I went on to another photo project and then swam down to the area I saw the pink Leaf yesterday. Sure enough, it was in the exact same spot as yesterday:

The shot directly below is without the aid of the flashlight and it is a bit difficult to make out the slender body and head of the fish as I am directly above it.

This fish was not interested in coming out from the coral and giving me an easy shot of it either. It did a great job of wedging itself into the nooks and crannies.

It's coloration is so different that the Leaf at the top of this page or the ones I photographed a while back shown below:

And a better shot of a shrimp like the one hiding in one of the above images:

The Pink Leaf Scorpion fish has been hanging out in the same spot now for about a week that I have been aware of it. I have accumulated some more shots of it: