Margaux and I went out to visit the seahorses. There is a swell running with breaking waves outside and the sandstorm was active on the ocean floor. We brought a female up for some better visibility and shots.

When I took the female back to return her to her hold fast, I saw another larger seahorse which I immediately assumed was one of the males. In taking some shots of the two down in their turf, I realized that I finally had the proof of my suspicion that there were indeed two females out here as well as two males.

While trying to get a decent shot between sand flurries, the one female lifted off as seen in the shot above and I was not convinced I had captured decent proof of the two girls. I decided to bring the pair up for better visibility and some "proof" shots.

Margaux's friend, Emily, came out and joined us:

Today was ladies day out there . Margaux and I did find one of the males hunkered down and I believe it is the one not apparently pregnant. My hope today was to find the pregnant male and see if it had perchance given birth to its fry last night under a full moon. He was the one seahorse we did not see out there today but it was a great bonus to find both females! With all of the surge and sand movement from the waves, it was not possible to make a good search and he may well have been right below us. Since seahorses apparently mate for life, it is heartening to know that there are at least two males and two females out there.