Fortunately, I usually don't see any of the Java chickes until they have succesfully taken flight. A few weeks ago, I did come upon one that was out of its nest too early and could not fly. It had feathers and I attempted to place in a couple spots well above the ground and hopefully out of harms way but it would end up in failed flight; a mere somewhat controlled decent, back to the ground. It wanted to hop into the bushes and I let it remain in them. A few hours after dark, I found it in there and expired.

Today, 3-30-09, I came upon a Java chick on the drive way that I assume had just hattched and had either made its way out of the nest and fell to the concrete or perhaps it had been shoved out by a parent. I picked it up to dispose of it and noticed some slight movement.

I have no illusions that this bird has any hope of survival but I could neither return it to the pavement where the sun and who knows what else would have brought about its death nor can I bring myself to euthanize it. I put it in a small stainless cup that has a crumpled napkin in it. I went to the beach for a few hours and upon my return, the chick was showing a great amount of activity and squirming around as well as chirping.

None of these images have captured it but at some angles, the chick looks like the cartoon character, Tweedy Bird. (coloration aside). I have mashed up some cooked rice in water and given it some in an eye dropper. I have no idea where its nest is and I have no illusions that any of the Java's would do anything to help this chick. If it can survive the great odds against it as well as my complete ineptitude at animal husbandry, it deserves a shot at it.