Ever since coming across a few dead blind snakes, I have hoped to find a live one and photograph it. My wish came true a week or so ago but the container I put the snake in to keep it until morning when I would have good light for photographing was not up to confining it and the next day, it was gone. It was a pretty good sized adult I would estimate. I figured I had my one chance and blew it. Bummer! Last night, while catching bugs in the lawn for the anoles, up from the grass came this tiny critter and it crawled onto the deck where due to poor traction, it started wiggling like crazy! Initially I thought it was one of the strange worms I see but then I realized it had to be a snake but so small!!

Not wanting to lose it before photographing, I took some shots of it last night, two of which are above. This morning, the snake was still hiding in the grass in the container I put it in so I was able to get some shots.

On occasion, I could see a tiny white tongue flick out and trying to get a shot of this was an exercise in futility; good thing digital images are easy to delete. The best I could get was the shot below here you can see a blur of it either coming out or retracting. If I ever come across a live adult, that is a shot I hope to be able to get. You can also make out the residual of where I believe the snake's eyes used to be (pre evolution to present form).

In the shot below, you can see the blunt and pointed tip of the snakes tail. I noticed it can use this as a hook to allow it to back up when necessary and also keep from falling. Must be a challenge to crawl around in the subterranean world, blind!

The hairs on my knuckles were an obsticle for this little guy.

I took a short video of the snake, embedded below: