I was hovering in about 25' of water today trying to locate the small frogfish. (I found out later that a dive group had been by recently and their visit with the fish likely sent it off to somewhere else)

To locate the small frog fish from this distance requires sharp focus and concentration. I was totally startled when an adult male green sea turtle suddenly came around in front of me in a banked turn within reaching distance!

He swam back in the direction from which I assume he came. He also went up for air and I took some shots of him as I followed a bit. An adult male is easy to tell from a female by virtue of the length and size of his tail.

I have no idea why he came in so close and fast around me and I went back to the reef and resumed my search for the small frog fish. A few minutes later, a female green sea turtle came into view but further away and she also did a 180 turn around me and headed north?!?! She was too far away for a decent shot until she was on her way back and I elected to take a shot because she had a fish keeping pace with her just above her head?!?

Curiousity and interest has found me approach any number of turtles and I suppose turn around is only fair play. I wonder if the fact that I was still and hovering on the surface, looking down, much like the turtles do when they are up for air, had any bearing.