I believe the first day I saw one of the yellow frog fish off Airport Beach was August 2 (2009). It was a small juvenile and I have been able to track its growth and movement over the reef with a few breaks and gaps in sighting periods. It has been a good number of weeks since I saw it last but today, 11-29-09, I once again found it and quite a ways from where I last saw it. In fact, it was up in an area where I expected to encounter the larger yellow frogfish. I have been taking photos of both frog fish and keeping them in a growing folder.

The little frog fish as first seen on August 3:

Photographed on October 13th:

On October 25th:

And today, November 29th:

You can see by reference of my hand that the little guy has grown considerably. He has not changed much in color though. His yellow is more subdued than the larger frog fish and he is much harder to detect down on the coral.

The larger frog fish was first seen by me and photographed on August 15th:

By virtue of his larger size and brighter color, he was much easier to track and I have many more photos of him. On August 27th:

September 19th:

October 31st:

November 22:

This larger frog fish has been adding brown spots and shapes to his color but still remains a brighter yellow than the surrounding reef. He is well known to the dive instructors who frequent Airport Beach Although he has traveled quite a bit on the reef, hopefully he will remain a resident and even should he grow into better colors and be less obvious, I hope to be able to visit him and record his growth and changes in the future.

I spoke with a diver today at the beach who told me that last week out past the first reef and in about 60' of water, he came across a tiny yellow frogfish about the size of his thumb nail. About a year ago, he saw a similar sized frog fish out there and it seems likely that it was one of these I have been photographing this year. As these grow and possibly disappear in hiding on the reef perhaps there will be more small and obvious yellow frogfish showing up and following in their fin steps...