Today, 9-10-09, A friend, Bob, and I went out to visit the reef critters. We checked in on a leaf scorpion fish and a couple frog fish we had anticipated seeing and were successful in doing so. We then went out to a coral head where I have seen Friendly and Propeller Girl (some green sea turtles) and Bob came across a Hawksbill at the same site a few days back. He watched the Hawksbill scratching its shell under the coral ledge. Well we first came across another female green sea turtle feeding about 20' away and under the coral ledge was Friendly. She was working her shell up agains the ledge of the coral and I think I saw her do a couple complete circles for complete shell scratching.

After a while, she swam out from the coral head and over to the other green. They circled each other and then she came up to the surface.

Bob and I both drifted in for some surface shots and I wasn't sure if Friendly would be comfortable being between us but she was completely unphased and hung at the surface for a good number of breaths. She never made any attempt at putting any distance from us. She just hung there and took her breaths.

I was especially surprised that she showed no concern when Bob would dive down and shoot up at her. I have found that many of the turtles seem to get spooked or feel threatened when you get beneath them. Not Friendly! She is really a cool turtle!!

Bob sent me the pic below he took of me and Friendly: