On the way in after a pleasant swim and visit with a frog fish, some friends and I had 4 eagle rays swim by us in the shallows; so much for ending the swim!!

I noticed the one large, presumably female, had something above her head on the right side. It took a while to realize that it was a small fish that was keeping pace above her starboard side intake port for lack of the correct anatomical term. You can see this fish in some of the images but I cropped in on the one below to show it better:

At one point, they swam real close to a hawksbill turtle, "Misty" who was feeding on the reef with some interested scavengers hanging by. It would have been great had I been in the right position to get a shot of her along with the winged fish above!

We started out at the south end of the reef and I finally decided I had had enough swimming with them as we approached the north end of the reef.