Today, 9-2-09, I had finished my swim out on the reef and I was headed in to shore when I came upon three eagle rays. They were swimming very slow and casually and came up to the surface near by. They allowed me to get close and I cruised with them for about 5 minutes when I noticed a pair of divers also join in. I recognized one of them who is a regular visitor who takes folks out as their guide. I would guess we were with the rays for over a half hour. One of the rays left shortly after the divers showed up but the remaining pair would swim around and under us and in to the shore line and then back out over the reef but never far from us or away into deeper water. I ended up taking over 200 shots of them! The visibility was not that great but being so close at times allowed me some great views of them.

One cruised the surface for a ways with its wing tips out of the water.

Below are three shots of Mike (Scorpion Scuba Safaris) and the rays: