I go out on the back lawn at night to catch lawn roaches for my anole friends. I try not to disturb the toads who are also out there hunting. Last night, there were some reflections of light coming back to me from my head lamp that looked like close together eyes but there were more than two?!?! Moving in closer, I saw some harry legs in the grass. I went inside for my camera and when I got back, the critter was gone. With a sweep of a flashlight, I got some reflection back from one of the stepping stones and walked over to investigate.

Six or seven eyes?!?

The flashlight is 1" in diameter for a sense of scale. I thought I might get the cane spider to crawl up on the light but as I nudged it with the light, it hopped over the light and my hand and hopped a few more times taking it well out onto the grass. Although missing a leg, this spider was quite swift in bouncing over the grass!!

There are certainly enough roaches in the grass for him too but I don't know if the toads will let him be. Perhaps that is where his leg went...