Today, 8-28-09, I was out looking for the small frogfish (I had already found the larger one) when I realized I was not alone.

This was most certainly the same barracuda I had seen last week. I noticed a fresh wound on its tail area which now seemed to be sporting some algae. It was headed south at a very leisurely pace and I joined it. I first swam to the outside so I would have better lighting on it for photos.

Unlike the other day, it seemed more comfortable with me closer by and I was able to swim ahead of it and then stop and get the camera up.

I would work ahead of it a ways and then let it catch up as I swam in to meet it some.

We were approaching a sand canyon and it was about time for me to swim ahead again. As I kept up with it and was about to take off to get ahead, I saw it open its mouth for a while (caught the tail end of it below) and then when I started to swim ahead again it sped up as well which surprised me because I sensed that we were establishing a rhythm and that I was getting closer to it on each phase. It was then that I noticed a woman behind us who was kicking hard to catch up to the fish. I backed off at that point. As she was swimming off into the haze, I saw her stop and stick her head up out of the water. I also brought my head up and she informed me that it was a barracuda. Cool. Last shot:

I looked down and saw a small eagle ray hunting in the sand with a bunch of puffers and other fish following. I dove down for a shot but this ray wanted no party with me and swam off.