I had heard others have seen a good size Barracuda out on the reef but I had only spotted one, about two weeks ago, and it was not as large as the one I had heard of. Today, 8-23-09, that changed. I was out on the outer edge of the reef viewing some coral when into my vision came the head of a large fish. My immediate thought was that it was one of the milk fish I have seen. However when the rest of the fish swam into view, I realized I had finally met the barracuda:

After it passed right by me, it continued north on a leisurely course and I followed it for about 5 minutes. I kept hoping to be able to overtake it and get a head on shot like the one I missed when it first came upon me and surprised me. Although it allowed me to stay close, it never did stop and let me overtake it.

A cropped in close up of its head from an image above:

This guy had some fresh wounds on his tail section and what looked like some scars along his body. Impressive fish!!