Spring starts officially tomorrow but some of the gang went for an early start:

This may be the same pair that were here last year. They are both comvortable around me and more than willing to take a lawn cockroach from my hands. I saw the male up on the hose and he jumped to the gound after what I assumed was a bug. I was surprised to see him with her in his mouth and he dragged her back to the top of the hose coil. I went and got the camera and came back out and took these pics. I don't think other anoles would have allowed me to get as close as I did here. They uncoupled eventually:

The shots above were in the AM. This afternoon, he was out sunning himself on the other side of the deck. I went and got the camera and took a few shots. I didn't know if he was presenting for a female or letting me know he was "the man". I often go find a bug for him when he is making himself so obvious and after the pics below were taken (300 mm lens across the deck), I went and got him a nice one. He jumped off the chair and ran over into my hand to snag the treat.

Probably a week or so later, I found this guy above in a turf dispute with another male:

In this particular engagement, the lizards did not resort to a physical fight; the posturing alone seemed to settle the problem. I have seen males and females involved in what I assume to be a territory dispute but when two males get into it, they have this dark black pigmentation that shows up behind their eyes and the have a raised fold above and behind their heads as well as the throat fold deployed. They both take bugs from me and I have elected to remain neutral in any turf disputes they may have.

This morning, 3-30-09, I found the large male sunning himself on the hose and proceded to catch him a bug (grass roach). The other male was not far off and I offered him a bug as well but he jumped into the bushes. I went back to the large male to see if he was ready for a second bug but the female surfaced from the ferns and showed interest. I held it clos to her and she took it from my hand. I joined ALice up on the rear deck and in no time it was obvious that the large male and the female were aware of each other and doing the head bobs at each other. They both closed the distance between them and the male proceeded to climb upon the female. I left the scene and grabbed my camera. When I returned, I found the pair coupled and laying down on the concrete. Alice said they were grappling up on the hose and fell to the ground. I should add that the male looked fine earlier when I had fed it but it was moving somewhat as if it were impaired.

In the first image I caught above, you can see some loose skin on the male's fore leg. He essentially blew himself out of his old skin during this tryst!

She would try to right herself and did some head bobbing as well. She proceeded after a few minutes of them on their sides, to drag the pair out of the sun and under the hose.

His coloring was changing and interesting with the added loose skin starting to break away. Prior to them parting, the other male came over and within a couple feet of them. They did part and she went up on the hose while he went over to the steps, in the shade.

The other male (image below) came over for another look and then retreated. I wondered if she would make herself available to the other male but she moved closer to the fellow who had burst his seams for her.

Below, he has grabbed some of the loose skin from his right front leg and is attempting to remove it:

In the mean time, she came closer and joined him on the same step.

They had both had a decent meal and a union of instinct, if not actual desire. If they experience anything akin to satisfaction, I would assume they were there now.

He literally was bursting at the seams for her.

On another day, he saw her at the top of the hose and started doing his display. She rolled around the hose, out of his view and proceeded to come down the hose. She passed him and then took a look see:

On an other day, at the ground level, the day gecko was hanging out:

Mean time, a male anole let his displeasure of a near by male be known:

Later, I fed him a lawn roach and he was back to being green . I also offered a large roach to the female which she took from my hand. It took her a few minutes to get the bug down and swallowed. I took the shots below of her and caught her in the one, licking her lips.

Two days ago, I caught the female and male again coupled:

Afterward, I have noticed that they are quite comfortable in close proximity and there is no teasing or presenting involved.

I saw a tail waving in the grass and went in to inspect what was going on. A younger anole must have chased a bug into its realm and was attempting to get at it:

It came up empty mouthed.

Today, 4-14-09, the male and female were again on the hose after the sun came out. I caught a bug for each and fed them. I caught another bug and had Alice take a shot of the female climbing onto one of my hands to reach the bug pinched in the fingers of the other hand:

Both of these anoles have become quite used to my offering them a snack and are comfortable climbing out on my hand to take the offering and even work on eating it a bit before they crawl off, at a leisurly pace. The pair again got together a short while after she took the bug above. (they had been posturing and making eyes at each other even when I offered up the snack.

Their offspring will have both parents who had become familiar with me and my snack offerings. Will there be anything the offspring would inherit that would make them more receptive, should I happen to offer a bug to them?!?!