Sam, the white tipped reef shark rode out the stormy seas and surf this winter and is back in his cave.

Above shot was taken on March 10th and he is facing west in the cave (his preferred orientation it seems) Below shot was taken today, March 25th and he is facing east. I slipped the camera into the cave on the west end of it for the shot.

Little "T" was also around through the winter challenges and is back on the reef. His primary resting spot last year was under a ledge in a hole that got filled up with sand for the better part of the winter but is now cleared out and less sand and more rocky than last year. I have not seen him use this spot and he has been observed under various ledges on the reef. Today, the visibility was the best it's been in quite some time and I came upon him lying in the sand and mostly exposed.

When Little T decided to come up for air, I thought I would have some good opportunity for surface shots in good visibility but I didn't realize that he and I had some others who had come over to see what was what.

I got a few shots but backed out of the scene.

Next day, caught a couple shots of a Roi swimming off with lunch:

"Bumper" was on the reef today: