It seems that "Sam" has taken up residence in the middle hole cave:

I don't want to disturb Sam so I probably won't be taking many shots of him unless I am fortunate enough to catch him outside of his cave and in the light. It's nice to swim by though and drop in for a peek at him snoozing.


The last couple days, Sam has been found to be lounging in the cave of the third or big hole. Today, 1-7-09, he was resting just under the ledge and with the low winter sun, there was reasonable ambient light to get a couple shots:

I think I got too close with the second shot and just after taking it, Sam lifted up and swam a few circles in the cave. He disturbed the water with sediment too much for a shot and I backed off to let him settle back down.

Today, 1-30-09, I came across Sam in the middle hole cave. In the past, I have only been able to get shots of him in this cave with the use of a strobe or flashlight because the low winter sun does not provide enough ambient light. However, today I had a new Nikon D300 and I boosted the ISO to 800 which allowed me a reasonable shutter speed: