For the last 4 days, there has been a mother and calf off of Black Rock. They spend most of the time under water and the calf will be submerged for 10 to 15 minutes. I enjoyed the calf 's antics yesterday with spy hopping and some breaches but unfortunately my above water camera rig was fogged up and no pictures were taken. Today, I saw the mother's tail at a distance and paddled over for hopefully some action on the surface or perhaps a visit to me out of curiosity. The calf surfaced possibly 75 yards away and the next thing I knew, the mother came out for a breach even closer to me. She proceeded to breach perhaps a half dozen times as she worked in a circle around me. It was quite a show! Other kayakers came out after this action and the mother and calf swam in towards the beach north of Black Rock where they have delighted folks on the beach with similar in close travels on the previous days.

Above are shots of mother breaching and then mother and calf on the surface in close to the beach. They then swam back out to deeper water and I could make out the white in the mother's pecs as they swam under my kayak. They were down pretty deep as they passed by:

The photos above were taken on Wed, March23,2005. The next day, mother and calf were still hanging around BlackRock and coming in close to the beach at Air Port Beach. The shot below is the calf's tail with Black Rock in the background.